Lost in Data

Lost in Data is a reactive video mapping installation that was produced by Wynne Palmer and curated by Canada renowned video artist Paul Wong. For this installation, I wanted to experiment with visuals that were inspired by concepts and experiences of big data, cybernetics, information overload, and data streaming. Visuals were generated and recorded using Max Msp. For the installation, I mapped the visuals on a triptych canvas. In addition, I video mapped a sound reactive version of this installation on the stairway of the gallery space that responded to the physical presence of the people.


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OM Gallery - Thru the Trapdoor

Thru the Trapdoor was one of the largest artist showcases in Vancouver. The exhibition featured over 50 artists and curators from various disciplines. Each artist was given a dedicated space to develop or install their artwork. The event the last major exhibition at OM Gallery on Main St. Vancouver.