ISEA 2015 – Oscillations – Extensions

Oscillations exists between the ghosts and spirits of place past and those who are in present time. At designated urban natural places, through the concept of the oscillation between the electronic and natural worlds, the essence of locale, or genius loci, forms layers of “disruptions,” which emerge differently and sometimes magically over time.


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For this reactive installation, I developed generative visuals inspired by the roots of plants, fractals, and geometric patterns found in ancient Persian architecture. I developed multi-channel musical compositions for the installation. The sounds used in the composition comprised of field recordings, processed organic sounds using physical modeling synthesis, and ethnic instruments.

For the physical structures, I collaborated with Amir Aziz and Karl Simmons from Chapel Arts. The structures were designed in Sketchup, 3D animation software and later were laser cut on thick corrugated cardboard.