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Meditation is a practice as old as antiquity. Today, its benefits continue to be recognized as profoundly contributing to one's overall well-being. Over the past 50 years, Western scientists have been studying the various ways that a regular meditation practice changes the way the brain work – effectively having a direct effect on neuroplasticity.


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Science of Self

The SOS Mobile App is a mobile meditation platform you can use wherever you are.

With the pace of today’s world, we understand that the opportunity to meditate may not always arrive in a neat little schedule. That’s why we have created the SOS Mobile App as a meditation companion for your iPhone or iPad that allows you to meditate whenever and wherever you choose! Using headphones and the built-in visualizers, the SOS App gives you the same profound, immersive meditation experience as you’ll find at our events anywhere, anytime.

I collaborated with SOS to develop a custom set of music for teaching mindfulness meditation to novice and expert practitioners. The music is a fusion of eastern influences and modern ambient electronic music. The goal was to shift away from the traditional and somewhat cliche music that is frequently used for meditation. Furthermore, we wanted to make sure the music connects to a younger generation by applying modern based compositions.

The immersive quality is enhanced through binaural processing which spatializes the sounds three-dimensionally. This allows any listener to hear the 3-D sounds simply by listening through headphones.