Sound Video Installation @ QEP

My colleague Maryam Mobini and I collaborated on a sound and visual installation for this outdoor exhibition. Lucid Dream comprised of a high sensitive vibration sensor, multi-channel audio, and generative particle-based visuals. The audio content was made up of fragmented interviews of people describing the experience of lucid dreaming. The visuals were mapped onto conical shaped objects. As people began making their way into park, the sensor detected their presence and the audio and visuals would be triggered sensing their presence.


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400 people strolled through one of Vancouver’s crown jewels.  The collective celebrated Youth, Technology, and Nature, during this family-friendly, FREE exhibition which included 13 visual projections, audio, sound art and interactive new media works in the large quarry, highlighting sustainable practices with technology.   First Nation’s artist, Russell Wallace led a welcoming ceremony to the use of the land, and a memorial warrior song for the late First Nation Artist Terry Haines.  A segment of his video installation, Coyote X was displayed in his memory.